How Authors Ranking Works?

Why would you want to rank high? Before I’ll start explaining in a very basic way how the ranking algorithm works I want to shoot the major points for “why would you care to rank high”: The worst 10 authors are excluded from... read more »


Posts Rules

All the rules for posts are listed here. Although all the writers received the ground basic rules by email when they joined, with time new rules are created. This is the place where I add them and although each time a new rule will be added... read more »


How to add featured image to your post

Adding a featured image to your post will increase significantly the traffic to your post. Why? Cause the image will appear next to your post on homepage (which is the most trafficated page on the site) and that way it will draw more attention: Adding... read more »


Latest Posts

BBC Entertainment premiered Ross Kemp in Afghanistan in India on 7th April,. It is one of the most popular documentary series fronted by actor Ross Kemp. The TV Show talks about the British soldiers fighting in the War in Afghanistan as...


What is Blogging and How Do People Make Money From it?

When most people hear the words “blogger” they only have a vague understanding of what that is and they do not understand how bloggers actually make money. So, let’s look at what it is and how you can turn a profit from a blog. What is... read more »


Tips For Improving the Value of Your House

At some point in time your first beautiful little house goes from being a place of retreat to a stepping stone for something bigger. When that time comes, it is important to make sure your house is in prime condition to get the most value out... read more »


Modern day artists and crafters are drawing on a medieval tradition to gain mutual benefits. Arts and Crafts Guilds in History Throughout medieval times, and on through the renaissance, artists and craftsmen organized into Guilds. Guilds provided...


Why should I go hard money for my real estate deals? 1. Banks just aren’t lending for most properties these days. 2. Do you really want to wait 60-90 days for a bank to make a decision and then they just turn your loan turn you down? 3....


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