Goal Setting

Money doesn’t exactly grow on trees anymore, does it? Actually, it never did, but the point is this: Money is extremely tight these days. The economies of the world have been in a slump, and experts say this may be the new normal. In...


A Goal Achievement Lesson From The Humble Sandwich?

July 2011, and the golf Open Championship is being played in Sandwich. Since it’s only about 40 miles away from me, and I was having a sandwich while sitting with my laptop, I wondered if I could relate the humble sandwich to goal achievement? The... read more »


How to Get More Things Done!

We all have things that we want to accomplish with our time. Each person might have a different goal on what they want to achieve in life. One person might want to build a business while someone else might want to get good at a sport. Regardless... read more »


Goal Achievement Tip From Queen – Freddie, Brian, Roger, And The Other One! (Part 2)

Here’s part 2 of an article I came up with after watching a documentary about the rock group Queen. The first part covered a practical tip from bassist John Deacon (you did read it, right?) This second part is a mental aspect you must have... read more »


Can You Achieve Goals Without Change?

One reason a lot of people give for not going on a path of goal achievement, is that they don’t want to have to ‘change’. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to achieve goals without change? Is that even possible? This article explain why... read more »


Goal Achievement – Is The Marathon Too Easy?

When I say ‘too easy’, I don’t mean it’s too easy to actually do a marathon! No, I mean is too easy to use a marathon to relate goal achievement theory? Maybe it’s so obvious that it seems boring or corny? In this article... read more »