Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are everywhere nowadays. They’ve caught the attention of smokers and non-smokers alike with their mild, sweet odor, and friendly price tag. But for many, the science behind e-cigarettes remains...


Learn About Heroin And It’s Addictive Potential

Heroin is an opiate that is derived from the opium poppy; it is made from the sap of the flower. As a pain killing drug (analgesic), it has been an effective pain reducing medication for several thousand years. The physiological way that heroine... read more »


Home Detox From Hydrocodone

Nowadays, the alcohol or drugs issue is something that everyone has to say something about. Many patients who go to doctors have painkiller drug addictions, with Hydrocodone one of the most commonly prescribed painkillers. For retrieving these... read more »


Fine Cigar Beauty

Although we can all agree that smoking cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco in excess is bad for you, cigars are still a great way to relax on occasion. For me, I have been very interested in the beauty of cigars since the age of 15 (21 now),... read more »


Smoking Stopped in China with Electronic Cigarettes

China has 1.3bn people living there as of 2009 says the World Bank, although the number are not be totally accurate because sheer size of China as a country and the quality of living.  Inside China’s walls are more than 400mil cigarette... read more »


Electronic Cigarettes – My Opinion

e-cigarettes were made for people who are smokers who are at risking of getting harmful illnesses due to their cigarette addiction. An e-cig can be used to substitute the use of a regular cigarette or used in addition lessen the amount a cigarette... read more »


The FDA Report On Electronic Cigarettes

The FDA of America wrote a conclusive article of e-cigarettes called: “Evaluation of electronic cigarettes”. The analysis has become infamous because of it’s large inaccuracies of the electornic cigarette. The report was created for NJoy,... read more »


The Success Stories of Electronic Cigarette Users

Electronic cigarettes is the most recent gadget to come to market that aides kick the habbit. An electronic cigarette is a small device that seems very similar to normal cigarettes.  The difference is that the e cigarette does not contain... read more »