A New Online Dating Niche – STD Matchmaking

As the rates of sexually transmitted diseases rises across the UK, the likelihood of being diagnosed with an STD increases with every new partner you take on. Statistics show that in 2012 there were some half a million new diagnoses of sexually... read more »


There’s all kinds of advice and wisdom when it comes to planning a wedding. Perhaps it’s because there’s more time to hear it, or because there’s so much celebration around a marriage and the engagement that precedes...


“Getting away from it all” is one of those phrases that gets overplayed in tourist brochures, travel forums, and Yelp reviews. It’s subjective, and every person has a slightly different definition of “away” and...


6 Tips To A Knock-Her-To-Her Knees Man Of Style

  Planning an ideal date is about knowing the woman you are dating. It doesn’t mean spending much money although it is better to make it personalized and memorable. Make her knees tremble with your style   Most guys have an over-all... read more »


Mobile DJ Hire Services – The UK knows how to Disco.

Looking to Hire a Mobile Disco or DJ? With parties and discos all the rage, you’d be forgiven for wanting to hire a DJ for your next entertainment event and although it seems to be mainly a UK thing, the Mobile DJ Hire business is beginning... read more »


Signs your partner is having an affair

How do you tell if you partner is having an affair or is considering cheating? Often the signs are there but you just haven’t wanted to believe them. Sometimes your friends or family have suspected your partner is cheating and maybe have even... read more »


How To Choose A Theme For Your Winter Wonderland Wedding Invitations

Are you getting married in the winter? If so, there are large numbers of themes and motifs you can choose for your wedding to complement the season, and one of the first elements to think of would be your wedding invitations. Read on for some... read more »


You have a better chance of finding a partner in a niche dating site

Those days are gone when people face difficulty in finding their partner as now internet provides a get solution to all those needy persons. As you know internet is a hub of websites and there you can easily get the solution of your problem... read more »


Guide To Choosing Wedding Favours UK

The giving of wedding favours UK is a symbolic gesture from the bride and groom to their guests.  The gift serves to convey the happy couple’s appreciation to guests for attending their big day and also any presents that they have received. ... read more »


Marriage – And The Countries That Propose It

Not every country is as easy going as Australia. Read about the countries you need to be married in so you can live together. Australia is a relatively young and very multi-cultural country. With the utmost dedication to freedom, its laws attempt... read more »