Moving Relocating

Indiana has long been jokingly referred to as a “flyover state,” which means it’s one of the states in the middle of the country that people fly over on business, or on their way between coastal vacations and residences. But...


Moving with younger kids- Safety first, and some navigation lessons, too

If you’ve got kids, you will appreciate the fact that a move can be a range of experiences, from totally disorienting to fun. The disorientation can be rough, and the fun can be dangerous. As much for your own peace of mind as for the kids’... read more »


Guide to planning your house move

Planning your house move Moving home needn’t be stressful. Follow some simple advice to prepare yourself for the big day and your move should go smoothly. Plan ahead, its never too early to start getting organised. Begin by having a mass clear... read more »


Why not to relocate to Sweden!

I am writing now to tell people about Sweden and how things work here. There are rules depending if you come from EU or out side EU. I will only cover coming to Sweden from within the EU……. Ok as with moving to any EU country from... read more »