What Not To Do At a Divorce Hearing

A divorce hearing can be an emotional time for both parties. However, it is important that, if you are one of the parties, you keep your cool and behave appropriately in the court room. If you don’t, things may well go against you on the day... read more »


Family law is an area that deals with family-related matters and domestic relations, including marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, adoption, and child neglect and abuse. Family Law on Twitter is a great place to sort out the resources...


If there are two things you probably never want to have to go through, they would be divorce and bankruptcy. When your marriage and your finances fall apart at the same time, life becomes even more difficult. Too often, couples don’t...


Solicitors In Wakefield – An Example Of How To Find The Right Legal Representation

Whether you live in the UK or the US, finding the right solicitor or lawyer when you have a legal dispute is an important task.  In the modern world where advertising is king, many tend to go with the firm whose name they recall from the numerous... read more »


DUI Convictions and your Career Prospects

If you find yourself in the position that you have been arrested and charged with the offence of drink driving, or rather Driving Under the Influence, as it is known, then you will quickly realise how serious an offence it can be. Provided that... read more »


Illinois Department of Corrections IDOC

Established in 1970; IDOC, Illinois Department of Corrections, was created to oversee all of the jails, prisons, juvenile delinquent centers, probation, and parole services in the state of Illinois. When IDOC started it was only responsible... read more »


Surveyor Leeds – Considering Conflicting Views Of Expert Witnesses Regarding Structural Integrity

In some court cases regarding property a good surveyor Leeds may be asked to act as an expert witness regarding the structural integrity of the property.  In such instances advice is sought by the court to guide over what has caused the structural... read more »


Surveyor York – A History Of The Expert Witness

As one of the oldest settlements in England, York has a host of old properties that date back many centuries.  Due to the age of these properties they often require structural work to make them safe.  However, sometimes the work carried out... read more »


UK Still Reticent About Cameras in Court

David Cameron may have recently championed cameras in court and greater transparency may be something which many people aspire to but UK judges are still extremely unhappy about the prospect of any cameras in their courtrooms, be they television,... read more »


The medical devices directive is the current definitive authority regarding medical devices in the EU. Created in 1993 (and updated and reviewed in years since) the directive combined and harmonised existing medical devise law from the EU member...