Who Thought Aprons Could Be Exciting?

Cooking is definitely one of the things that many women and even young girls enjoy these days. Already becoming a favorite pastime of many, cooking has taken on a much bigger role in everyday life. Many people are already coming up with fresh... read more »


Aprons – Number One Ladies Gift Item In 2011?

Ladies Aprons have made a complete ‘u-turn’ in the last few decades. Look at the flattering aprons that ladies wore in the 1950’s, they were all frills and fancy colours. Most importantly, they flattered a woman’s figure. Nowadays all... read more »


Sanitaire vacuums have been around for almost 50 years now, and are mainly used for commercial cleaning because of their sturdy and durable nature. Many industries and commercial establishments such as cleaning companies, hotels, restaurants,...


When the discussion is on vacuum cleaners, you should understand that vacuum cleaner filters form an important part of a cleaning machine without which it is impossible for the machine to function efficiently. So how necessary and important...


The Apron Renaissance

For centuries women stayed at home to take care of their families and ensure the home was in a presentable and comfortable state at all times, but in particular to welcome the husband home from a hard day at work. A memento of this time is... read more »