Cheap Washing Machines – False Economy Or Great Saving?

As one of the most essential home appliances, washing machines are something we can’t live without. When making a new purchase, there are many factors to consider. The wide variety of styles, features, and price ranges can make selecting the... read more »


Making The Best Use Of Home Storage Space

Over the course of our lives we accumulate many items.  Some of them we hold onto for sentimental reasons; others because we think they may come in useful.  As a result our homes can become cluttered and the bits and pieces can make it look... read more »


When making the bed, many people try to stuff their duvet into the cover and get frustrated when it ends up lumpy with loose materials at one end and too much duvet at the other. The reason that this happens is because you are not making your...


When you hear the words wire basket you probably instinctively picture the type commonly found in supermarkets and corner shops that you use to carry a few shopping items.  However, wire baskets are a very useful and versatile item that can...


Nathen aka Posylane

Back to school is nearly here and soon your toddlers will be leaving the next and heading off to school.  At the preschool and kindergarten ages, most schools require your toddler to have a nap mat for nap time.  Often parents don’t know... read more »


Cute Aprons Make 21st Century Women Feel Fabulous

Just because we’re in the 21st century doesn’t mean that women don’t still get a kick out of putting on an apron and gliding around the kitchen like a domestic goddess. However, between work, gym and feeding your cat it’s... read more »


Who Thought Aprons Could Be Exciting?

Cooking is definitely one of the things that many women and even young girls enjoy these days. Already becoming a favorite pastime of many, cooking has taken on a much bigger role in everyday life. Many people are already coming up with fresh... read more »


Aprons – Number One Ladies Gift Item In 2011?

Ladies Aprons have made a complete ‘u-turn’ in the last few decades. Look at the flattering aprons that ladies wore in the 1950’s, they were all frills and fancy colours. Most importantly, they flattered a woman’s figure. Nowadays all... read more »


Sanitaire vacuums have been around for almost 50 years now, and are mainly used for commercial cleaning because of their sturdy and durable nature. Many industries and commercial establishments such as cleaning companies, hotels, restaurants,...


When the discussion is on vacuum cleaners, you should understand that vacuum cleaner filters form an important part of a cleaning machine without which it is impossible for the machine to function efficiently. So how necessary and important...