One of the best ways to see places around you and around the world is by bicycle tour. Riding a bicycle not only provides you fresh air but you are able to see the surrounding natural scenery in a different manner. You come across many new people...


Exercises for Reducing Fat on Chin

Double chin on face looks bad. It is a blot on face beauty. Standing in front of the mirror when one notices their double chin; they feel the hell of embarrassment. Buccula, it is the other word used for Double chin, also signifies you have... read more »


Every conscientious parent will look to try and engage their children in exercise at a young age to help promote a healthy lifestyle within them.  One of the best forms of exercise that all kids seem to love is cycling.  As such, a high percentage...


Top 3 Fitness Ball Exercises

The exercise ball has been increasing in its popularity due in large part to being very functional. The ball creates an unstable surface which facilitates engagement of the core muscles that stabilize our spine. It has also become widely accepted... read more »