Supplement Regulation In The World Of Professional Football

Supplement regulation is an important area and ensures that the products that consumers purchase are safe for human use.  In order protect the health and safety of the public, regulatory bodies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)... read more »


Within the pharmaceutical industry, the need for the so-called ‘Qualified Person’ is something which is clear to see as the production processes need to be carefully monitored. QP training is something which thousands of people undertake...


It goes without saying that brand management is essential to achieving a profitable product and using pharmaceutical consulting firms is one of the main ways that manufacturers choose to promote their brand. Pharmaceutical consulting proves...


In terms of running a tight ship in a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, few things can be quite as beneficial as pharmaceutical training from leading consultants in the industry. It goes without saying that new medical devices and products...


There has to be a degree of accountability within the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to the dispensing of potentially harmful medicines. GMP training will help manufacturers realise the importance of following Good Manufacturing Practices...


Is Your Doctor Prescribing the Wrong Medications?

Modern pharmaceuticals provide many options of the treatment and even cure of a wide range of illnesses and ailments. But while well-chosen medications can help most patients, the wrong medications may be useless, or even harmful. Drugs Can... read more »


Smoking Stopped in China with Electronic Cigarettes

China has 1.3bn people living there as of 2009 says the World Bank, although the number are not be totally accurate because sheer size of China as a country and the quality of living.  Inside China’s walls are more than 400mil cigarette... read more »


Electronic Cigarettes – My Opinion

e-cigarettes were made for people who are smokers who are at risking of getting harmful illnesses due to their cigarette addiction. An e-cig can be used to substitute the use of a regular cigarette or used in addition lessen the amount a cigarette... read more »


Have you got what it takes for QP Training?

It is a wise career move to undertake QP training and become a Qualified Person. There is a huge demand for QPs and the entry level salary is extremely desirable. It is an ideal move for those who have completed science degrees and are just... read more »


Looking To The Future With GMP Training

GMP training is not for those who only think about the immediate future of their pharmaceutical organisation. Those who have not considered GMP training may be described as naive, possibly even short-sighted. Good manufacturing practice training... read more »