Thrush In Men: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Whenever the topic of yeast infection, Candida or thrush comes up, people generally relate it to women and the truth is that over 3/4 of the female population will at least once in their lifetime be affected by yeast infection – but that... read more »


Chemotherapy Hair Loss

I am day 13 since my first treatment of the Adriamycin Cytoxan (AC) chemotherapy cocktail. Not all chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss (although most of them do); some regimens only cause hair thinning. As they said about the AC, the hair on... read more »


A short list of some of the most common swimming injuries in competitive swimmers. Swimming is a great activity for those who can’t handle high-impact sports like running. However, any physiotherapist will tell you that swimming doesn’t...


Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Last Thursday, I went for my very first ever chemotherapy treatment for my breast cancer. I’d like to look at it as if I have already survived breast cancer, since it has been surgically removed. The breast surgeon said she got all of... read more »


What Are Your Options For Candida Albicans Treatment

There are a lot of medical ailments that affect our society but none seem to be as widely affecting, yet unpublicized as Candida. Said to affect more that 75% of all women at one stage in their life, it can range from mild cases which only last... read more »


Motivation is positively the key element in your efforts at Weight-Loss. So let’s talk, just between us, about where you are, and what we can do to get you where you want to go. This is probably going to hurt a little, but let’s...


When it comes to utilising the services of a pharmaceutical consultancy firm, you will obviously want someone with a level of expertise that you require, such as DBA – long established as one of the leading proponents of pharmaceutical training...


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the world’s largest sectors and can be immensely profitable for those involved in the manufacture of medical devices and supplements. Using pharmaceutical consultants will help give those in the industry...


Conventional “Western” medicine dictates the following treatments for women (and men) with breast cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. It’s not necessarily in that order and not every person with breast cancer has...


Enjoy Restaurant Dining Without Blowing Your Diet

One of the hardest things for most dieters is dealing with restaurants. Dieters often avoid restaurants entirely – which is a shame because most people enjoy eating out – or they splurge and go off their diets. The choice can be... read more »

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