Wine is a staple at any good dinner party. It’s what hosts and hostesses serve to help guests relax, to create ambiance and to impress their guests with their knowledge. However, most people aren’t as knowledgeable as they think...


Want to buy wine like a pro and impress your family or friends? Use the following seven tips to pick out the best vintage and highest-quality wine no matter where you’re shopping. 1. Position is important The way wine rests tends to be...


Drinking is a wonderful pastime for some. To meet with friends and spend the afternoon talking over a bit of whiskey sounds marvelous. Besides, what would a great party be without it? Whiskey is one of the nation’s most beloved alcoholic...


Is Home Brewing via Home Brewing Kits the New Trend?

For many, cracking a beer at the end of the day yields the ultimate satisfaction; but, would one be even more satisfied if the beer was one of their own concoctions?  An uptrend in the amount of home brewers across the world today indicates... read more »


If you’re like me and have never known too much about wine and the different types of grapes it may be time to learn.  An obvious statement perhaps, but red wine is of course identified by it’s color: red.  The color is derived...


Matcha Green Tea – Steps to make and drink it

Matcha Green Tea Many people instantly connect matcha with the tea ceremony and the etiquette this entails. But making an invigorating cup of matcha does not need to involve such etiquette and it is much simpler than you may think. Matcha ought... read more »


Hard Facts About The Hazardous Effect of Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are not actually soft on your body and can be the reason for numerous health disorders in you r body.  There have been varied researchers and Health organizations that endeavored to curb the soft drinks all over the world. If you... read more »


Spice up your Green Tea with extra ingredients

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Benefits of Green Tea

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The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony Like most Asian countries, Japan is known for its tea traditions that include elaborate ceremonies that revolve around the drinking of the green tea. It is not only a part of the Japanese culture but this tea drinking ceremony... read more »