Breast Cancer

Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

Last Thursday, I went for my very first ever chemotherapy treatment for my breast cancer. I’d like to look at it as if I have already survived breast cancer, since it has been surgically removed. The breast surgeon said she got all of... read more »


Conventional “Western” medicine dictates the following treatments for women (and men) with breast cancer: surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. It’s not necessarily in that order and not every person with breast cancer has...


Breast Cancer Port Placement

Mediport What is a mediport? No one probably would even know to ask that question unless they have cancer or have someone close to them who has (or had) cancer and is going to receive chemotherapy. I definitely didn’t know what it was... read more »


If you have had breast cancer, or know another woman with it who had a single or double mastectomy with reconstruction, the phrase “tissue expander” isn’t an unfamiliar one. If you know little to nothing about breast cancer...


Double Mastectomy Surgery

Well, it’s been two weeks and two days since I’ve undergone a double mastectomy due to my cancer diagnosis last month. They pulled out a 4 cm tumor from my right breast and got clean margins, which is good news. The bad news is that... read more »


Breast Cancer Symptoms & Prevention

I never really read anything about how to prevent breast cancer but I thought I was doing the right things in life for my health. I don’t smoke, I rarely drink, I don’t use drugs. I try to exercise often and I know what the right... read more »


Breast Cancer Symptoms Help to Control Yourself

Cancer is a critical disease for every people on the world. By the improving medical and its drugs, cancer is prevented. You can become cancer in a day. This is not surprise, this is reality; all people are in a risk circle. Important thing... read more »