Mind Body Spirit

Netheldia S. Porter is a very well-known name in the field of addiction and self help. Her latest release, Stepping out Of Addiction: “Everyone Deserves to Live a Fruitful Life” is a blockbuster and has received accolades from critics...


A Positive Mind to a Healthy Body

It can be said with a total certainty that humans are leading very dissatisfied lives. As we look around us, it can be observed that things are not what it seems On the exterior, we can surely see a rosy picture and why not, the world is filled... read more »


Do Affirmations Work…? Proof That They Do…

Occasionally, I come across someone who asks the question “do affirmations really work?” For me, there is no question that affirmations work very well and are quite effective, and for good reason, too… all because of an experiment... read more »


Life Coaching Online

Life coaching is very different from traditional forms of counseling such as psychotherapy. A life coach can be valuable even to the most successful people. The basic aim of this type of coaching is to simply get the best out of a person. This... read more »