The Internet  has changed our lives in so many positive ways. One of the most significant change is to the way we now shop. Long gone are the days where we went from shop to shop trying to find the best deal. Now, from the comfort of our own...


Video8, Hi8, 8mm Video Tape Adapter for VCR

Unfortunately, there is NO adapter that will let you play your 8mm, Hi8, or Video8 tapes on your home VCR. The only way to properly watch these particular tapes is to use the original camcorder and then hook it up to the television, or to buy... read more »


Video and VHS Restoration Techniques

Before the advent of digital media and DVDs, we were limited to analog recording onto video tapes. Millions of families have countless hours of footage stored on types of media like this. In todays age, it’s now easier than ever to restore... read more »


An Acer touch screen laptop that is sure to astonish

Australian laptop users should be considering themselves lucky at the moment. You might surely ask why? It is actually because of the fact that they get to pre order the Acer Aspire Timeline 1820PT. The model of was not so recently unveiled... read more »