What is FIFO (Fly in Fly out)?

FIFO is a term that is popularly used for mining industries where skilled labor needs to be relocated to a site for a project. The need for this employment status came when skilled labor was scarce in some countries and foreign companies instead... read more »


Advantages Of FIFO For Both Workers & Employers

If you have been looking into different types of mining jobs, one thing that you will regularly see mentioned on job listings is a four letter acronym that might have you a little confused. FIFO is an employment term for ‘Fly In Fly Out’... read more »


Geology Careers For You To Dig In Too!

Are you just out of school and considering your options? Or maybe you are currently working your way through a Geology Degree and wondering where it will take you when you graduate. Well there are quite a few geology careers available –... read more »


Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) Mining Jobs: Everything You Need To Know!

Now we have already looked into the different types of mining jobs that are available, so today I wanted to looking at one of the working arrangements that seems to have grown in popularity in the mining industry – and that is fly-in-fly-out... read more »


An Introduction To Coal Mining In Australia

Australia is a country that is rich in resources and mining, both under ground and in open pit mines has been  a major part of the the national economy and not only in GDP but also in employment and the creation of communities and and industry... read more »