Outsourcing: the word has so many negative connotations that a lot of people (myself included) sneer when they hear it. A company is outsourcing? They’re taking away jobs from Americans to employ foreigners at a lower price and making...


10 Tips To Turn Your Internship In To Your Job

Given the vagaries of the current economy, it’s not easy to land a job outside even after completing a successful internship. An internship certainly gives you an edge, but it’s not a job-guarantee. It makes sense, therefore, to try and... read more »


I have been living in Sweden now for 4 years, and I must say the country is a complete joke!!! I am living in Malmo and Unemployment is huge here, part of the problem is company’s do not advertise jobs and offer them only to friends and...


Learning German for everyday business

Germany is currently one of, if not the leading country in the EU for business. With strong controls over the eurozone and a sound economical climate ranging from manufacturing, banking and services doing business in Germany is a top priority... read more »


Popular Jobs in Queensland, Australia

Queensland is the second largest state in size and one of the fastest growing populations in Australia. It plays an essential role in boosting of the Australian economy due to a variety of different jobs and industries. Over the past 20 years,... read more »


Three Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Are you considering going into business on your own and working for yourself? Then before you do so you should ask yourself a couple of questions. Do I have the capability to build up and own my own business? Have I got the commitment to stick... read more »


A Masters in Education is the First Step Towards Becoming a Great Teacher

The best teaching jobs today usually go to educators with the highest levels of experience. New teachers could find that it takes them years to get a position in a school that truly appeals to them. Getting a Masters in Education before you... read more »


SEO- Helps Build The Future of Freelance Web Designers

The dilemma A lot of people think that freelance designer is at an advantageous position with respect to an office employed web designer. Well apparently why wouldn’t he be? A freelance web designer is not restricted by office timings, or... read more »


Ghost writing overview There are many people who have good idea for a story or a book but do not have the writing skills to translate their ideas. Someone may have an interesting family history or personal life that he feels will make an interesting...


Different Types Of Administration Jobs

If you have ever worked in an office, especially if it was for a large company that there are a lot of staff hired in administration rolls. Now before you start grouping them all in the same category, there are a lot of differences between each... read more »