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Choose the best hair removal method for yourself

Hair removal is an important facet of any beauty care regime. Both men and women want to remove unwanted hair from their body. Especially women have more desire to eliminate hair and search for long lasting and easiest methods of removing hair.... read more »


High-End Versus Drugstore Cosmetics… What Is The Real Deal?

Make-Up Swatches Many cosmetic junkies collect such items as often as they can, be it high-end or drugstore ones, it does not matter as long as they get a new one as often as they like. But there are some who are brand conscious and believe that... read more »


Simple Makeup Tips for Face

Not all of us are blessed with beautiful face and striking features, but with the help of few simple makeup tips, we can also have a perfect looking face. Face makeup helps us emphasize our best features and hide our skin flaws like blemishes... read more »


Indian Bridal Makeup Tips

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Right from the venue to the bridal dress, you have planned the whole thing down to the last detail. But have you given any thought to your bridal makeup? When all eyes will be on you,... read more »


Laser cosmetologists are very familiar with the equipment used to provide their own services, but not necessarily with the new science in the field. The new generation of cosmetic lasers is an evolved class of equipment and incorporating new...


Makeup Tips for Your Nose

Not all women are blessed with a perfect little nose. There are many women who are not happy with their nose. A few of them have even had their nose job done. They don’t think twice before spending a lot of money just to get that perfect shape... read more »


Your beauty care before forty winks!

All of us want to look fresh and beautiful as soon as we get out of bed in the morning. How many of us really manage to do that? Most of the times, one wakes up with puffy and flaky eyes or with an oily or dry face. As they say, Rome wasn’t... read more »


Nail Wraps Give You Flawless Nails In Minutes

 Women have always seemed to take great pride and care in the beauty of their nails. Sometimes regardless of how much care one gives their nails it is hard to have them look perfect and flawless. Every day life seems to play lots of havoc... read more »


Nail Art Stickers Can Transform Your Look

Nail art stickers are truly a life saver for many!  People with muscular or nerve disorders could never create their own beautiful pieces of art on their nails without paying the high price of nail salons.  Having MS (Multiple Sclerosis) can... read more »


Tips for Long Lasting Lipstick

Lips are the most attractive feature on any women’s face. These are the frame to that beautiful smile. You just need to add color to that frame and you can make any man your slave. Every woman loves to wear lipstick and wants it to last long. However,... read more »