Selecting a respectable auto glass company for a windshield replacement is a better idea if you are in need of windshield replacement. To be able to figure out the business that charges the lowest rate is really a typical behavior of customers...


As a mechanic or an auto repair shop, you can benefit greatly from Twitter. Your business has great potential to reach a vast number of local residents and potential customers through social media. Twitter is an excellent resource for free...


Top 9 tips- How to be sure you’re getting the best car repair service for your car

The term “car service” can mean a range of services. Some things can be done, some can’t. That’s not a lot of use to motorists who want to get things done on the spot, quickly. A workshop can usually do most things, but can’t do others.... read more »


Car repairs- Getting what you want and controlling your costs

If you’ve ever found yourself baffled by a range of costs for car repairs from different repairers, you’re not alone. Any form of car repair is potentially expensive, but you shouldn’t have to have a guessing game about how much you’re... read more »


Your Choices for Breakdown Cover

Being a member of a breakdown organisation gives you invaluable peace of mind when you are driving on the UK’s busy roads. It’s a comforting thought to know that a helpful mechanic from the RAC, AA or other recovery organisation... read more »


Can Your Trust Your Mechanic?

Auto repair scams and ripoffs are them most common complaint to consumer protection groups. Various studies have shown that more than 50% of auto repair shops are dishonest. So if you “trust” your mechanic, you may be getting ripped... read more »


Why Must One Get a Car Repair Manual?

Imagine owning a car and knowing nothing about its mechanisms. Uncertainty is the centre of our lives and you never know when someone bumps into your car causing a great deal of damage to your treasures set of wheels. You go to the service centre... read more »


Change to impact sockets for more safety and precaution!

Tool storage kits are just as important as regular maintenance of your car. Though it is mandatory to consult a professional mechanic when something seriously goes wrong with your vehicle; approaching a service center for minor reasons is not... read more »