Snowboarding is an interesting sport that combines surfing and skateboarding into one. Your feet are attached to a snowboard as you speed down a snowy slope. For this reason, you’re going to need some special gear and you’ll want nothing less than the best.

Choosing Your Snowboard

Of course, the first piece of equipment that you’re going to need is a snowboard. If you want nothing short of the best, then you should get a Technine snowboard. It has a full wooden core from its tip to its tail fan and while you may think that this would be expensive, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that it’s not. Instead, you’ll pay for an inexpensive board that will make for a fun ride regardless of your skill level. Even the fiberglass that’s used in this board is of high grade being stitched bi-axial laminate.

Choosing Your Snowboarding Gear

Now that you have your  snowboard., you’ll want to make sure to get a great pair of pants to go with them. Your go to pants should be the 686 pants. These have a high-end shred technology, fully taped seams, external venting for great breath-ability and lots of pockets (both on your thighs and in the back, as well as a lower leg stash pocket, a hand warmer on your hips, a key clip, glove loop and hidden place for your credit card or ID) to keep all of the things that you need to carry with you inside of them. All of this helps to make them perform better.

Choosing Your Goggles

You’re also going to want a good pair of goggles, whereby you’ll find that the Dragon brand are the best. These are very stylish and yet they’re also high quality. For this reason, you can expect only the best clarity, protection, venting and fog resistance. There’s also great airflow in these goggles that are both comfortable and durable. To learn more about Dragon goggles, you’ll want to click here. Only then will you see and understand precisely why these are the goggles that you need.

In Conclusion

Once you’ve got all of this gear you’ll be ready to hit the slopes. Whenever you do so you’ll not only look quite stylish but you’ll also be dressed with nothing but the best. Since you won’t have to spend a lot of money to do this, it’s something you should definitely look into right away.




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