The number of us seeking to undertake exercise has increased in recent years and as a result gym memberships have risen greatly.  However, the fact that most of us have busy lives in the modern world means that we aren’t always able to make it to the gym and have to find other ways of fitting exercise in.  Here are five simple exercises you can do on stairs that can help you stay toned and battle the flab even on the busiest days.


It is always advisable to do some stretching before you undertake any form of exercise to get the muscles and joints working and reduce the chances of injury.  Undertaking a regular stretching regime is also a great way of increasing the suppleness of your body, which in turn provides advantages when doing sporting activities.  Using stairs as a support you can place your heel on the appropriate step and lower your body mass over your knee, thus performing a hamstring stretch.  You will be able feel the pull right down the back of your leg – be careful not to go too far.  You can also do angle push-ups against the steps which should provide a gentle warm-up.

Actual climbing

Climbing up and down steps is a great form of exercise due to the fact that you are working twice as hard as negotiating a flat walkway as you are also battling against gravity.  Often when you jog up a flight of stairs you will notice that your heart rate will quickly increase.  Make use of this by jogging up your stairs at a decent pace.  We suggest walking back down to give yourself a breather and to reduce the chances of injury.

Tricep dips

The tricep muscle is located along the back of the upper arm.  By making use of your stairs you can undertake tricep dips, which will serve to add muscle and help toning.  To undertake this exercise you should sit on the bottom step with arms bent at 90 degrees, your hands face down on the next step up and your legs stretched out straight in front of you.  Now extend your arms our so that they take the weight of your body and your bum lifts off the step, before lowering back down.  Repeat the process about 10 or 12 times to do a full set.  We suggest that you should try to do 3 sets each time you do this exercise.  After you have done it several times you will probably find that you can do the exercise more than 10 or 12 times per set.

Pylo hops

Our final exercise offers the chance of a cardio workout as well as toning to your legs.  Simply stand with your feet apart at shoulder width and then hop up onto the next step with both feet moving at the same time.  Swinging your arms at the right time will help to propel you upwards and also provide additional balance.  Repeat the process until you reach the top of the stairs.  Hopping back down the stairs offers less benefit and is dangerous, so it is better to walk back down.  Hop up the stairs as many times as you need to until you feel sufficiently tired or toned.



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