make money from sportAn incident filled 2011 Monaco Grand Prix saw Lewis Hamilton penalised twice. In a post race interview he made a comment which suggests a career in stand up comedy is not for him…

Lewis Hamilton arrived on the Formula 1 scene with a bang. Well, quite a few bangs actually, as he brought a style with him that many described as dangerous. In the same way that Michael Schumacher had before him, Hamilton drives in way which expects other drivers to get out of his way.

It effectively bullies them, going for gaps which are too small, leaving the driver in front with a choice – hold the line and possibly go out of the race in a crash, or let Hamilton through.

It can be effective, but it does not win many friends. Results wise it can go either way, Hamilton has already won a world title, but has lost one as well.

Again, in the same way as Schumacher and Hamilton’s hero Ayrton Senna, there is an evident arrogance about his attitude, that he does nothing wrong, and any problems are someone else’s fault.

After the Monaco race, he was being interviewed by the BBC who asked him why he thought he was being brought before the race stewards so many times.

Here’s what he should have said:
“ I don’t know, you’ll have to ask them that”

Here’s what he actually said:
“Maybe it’s because I’m black?”

That was a reference to something the comedy character Ali G used to say. A comedy character who was based on saying outrageous things.

For a famous sporting name to say it, just comes across as a sore loser with people jumping on him for ‘playing the race card’.

You would certainly expect Hamilton to take risks with his driving – that is what people at the top of his profession do after all. Plus, he is driving a slower car than his main rival, so needs to eek out any advantage he can get.

In that context, it is understandable that he will get frustrated, but he seems permanently unhappy, unable to appreciate the abundance he has.

He has his health, he is a multi millionaire, doing a job he loves, which brings him thrills and adulation.

Sounds pretty good, right? Yes, there are pressures, but they are pressures he chose, and he can similarly chose to stop them by simply stopping racing.

Really Lewis, give up the misguided attempts at comedy, and would it hurt to smile a bit more?

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