Horse racing is a part of many cultures around the world, but it’s not just horse racing tips and betting that get people excited—it’s the whole ambience of a horse race. The fashion, the culture, the environment and the racetrack itself are all important factors in creating the sport we all love so much—and to celebrate this, we’ve chosen the three most impressive racetracks in the world to share with you here!

Meydan Racecourse, Dubai, U.A.E

If you want to hang with the high rollers, there’s no place on earth like Dubai. Hosting the richest horse race in the entire world (the Dubai World Racing Cup), the Meydan Racecourse is the epitome of class, luxury and architectural innovation. With a capacity of 60,000, the Meydan Racecourse is the first track in the world to host a five star trackside hotel—the Meydan Hotel—and has some of the best training and breeding facilities right there onsite as well. The track sees a lot of action throughout the year, and people formal over the world come to place a bet and revel in the unique atmosphere.

Epsom Downs. Surrey, UK

Widely regarded as one of the world’s most famous and prestigious racecourses, Epsom Downs in the UK was a foregone conclusion on this list. With a history stretching back to the 1600s, Epsom Downs hosts the Epsom Derby, Britain’s premier thoroughbred horse race. Parts of the racecourse are open to the public, which means that it used to be possible for locals to watch the Derby for free (making the Derby the most watched sport nationally) but nowadays it has become increasingly difficult for non-paying spectators to get a good look. Still, visiting Epsom Downs Racecourse is a memorable experience, and one you won’t soon forget.

Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Happy Valley Racecourse had to make this list due to the pure spectacle it creates. Set in the midst of a thriving, pulsing, chaotic city, Happy Valley certainly has to be seen to be believed. The Chinese love to place a bet, and there is no greater way to experience some exciting local culture.

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the way the locals do things in different cultures—with horseracing a global pastime, it’s one way to experience the exotic through something familiar. Next time you’re abroad, think of paying a visit to one of these—or any number of other—impressive racecourses throughout the world. Get yourself a few , some local currency and a fancy hat and try your luck!



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