Astrology in itself is an incomplete science which makes it a research subject. Day by day the facts about astrology are brought to lime light. And these true facts seem to take a different path from what we were supposed to believe from ages. But you have to understand that tests are common in a research study. One of the recent studies is the New Horoscope Dates.

How can it be possible?

An Astronomer from Minnesota Astronomical Society named Parke first came up with this idea. He had found that the pull from the gravitational force of the moon has changed the axis of the Earth for the past 2000 years making a change in the zodiac positions. This has made Parke to suggest that there must be a 13th zodiac sign.

What are the changes?

Generally it is said that the western world will not be affected as we follow the tropical astrology in contrast to Vedic astrology followed by eastern culture. This is due to the fact that the eastern astrology is based on the position of stars. Yet this question is still being debated.

What is New Horoscope Dates?

As the name implies it says that the horoscope dates has been changed and there are new dates for us. Gone are the days where you were said to belong to a particular zodiac sign as there is for all of us.

So what is next?

You might like the change or you might hate the very idea. For some it will bring good news as many people believe that some zodiac signs are far much better than others. For some it will mean that they will have to get rid of all their items that possessed the old zodiac sign which many of us would not do.

Only firm believers in Parke’s theory will at least try to reason out and try a change although it may cost them some loss by throwing away articles containing old zodiac sign and buying a new one. Whatever it may be, astrology still remains a research subject.


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