For a safe teenage party make sure that you know how many people are coming and that only those on the guest list are allowed in. Don’t provide alcohol or give permission for parties while you are away.

We all hear the horror stories of teenagers throwing parties, particularly when parents are away, and having them getting out of control. Through the use of social networking sites often hundreds of additional teens find out about a party that is being held and end up gate crashing. This is something that you do not want happening to you. As well as the potential damage they could do to your home, a large number of out of control teenagers can disturb a whole neighbourhood and there is the possibility of underage drinking and violence.

Limit the guest list

Set strict guidelines as to how many people your teenager is allowed to invite. Make sure that the party is not broadcast via a social networking sight, like Facebook for example. Having yourself as one of your teenager’s ‘friends’ can help you control what they post on their page. Know exactly who has been invited and find out from this list who is actually coming. On the night of the party have someone, either yourself or a sizeable male, stand at the door checking that everyone coming in is actually on the guest list.

No alcohol

Unless your teenager is over eighteen it is illegal to supply them with alcohol. Once again, having a parent at the door can help avoid alcohol being smuggled into the party. If your teenager is eighteen or over try and limit the amount of alcohol and if some of the guests do drive themselves take their keys off them at the start of the night and only hand them back if they have had no alcohol throughout the course of the evening.

Don’t hold it at home

Choosing to have the party at a different location can be a good idea for a number of reasons. If your teenager is planning on inviting a lot of guests you probably don’t have the space in your lounge room to accommodate them all. You can also avoid any favourite pieces of furniture being broken, and it saves you cleaning up. Your neighbours will also appreciate you hosting it elsewhere, although generally most people are understanding if you give them plenty of warning and promise to wrap up the night by a certain time.

Make sure you are home

Don’t ever give your teenager permission to host a party while you are away. This is just asking for trouble. It is impossible to stop your teenager from having a party of sorts if they organise it without your knowledge, so if you don’t think you can trust your teenager to do the right thing then you might want to have a friend or family member check up on them, or let your neighbours know you will be away. If there is a party going on they will be able to tell you


Teenagers are not completely unreasonable creatures. Have a sit down with your son or daughter and let them know what is appropriate for holding a safe party. Make sure they understand that you are not trying to spoil their fun, but rather you are interesting in keeping them safe and protecting your own property.

To keep your teenager’s party under control you might want to consider organising the party with the help of a party hire company.


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