Most home security systems include back to base monitoring in addition to alarm systems. This is an effective security system. However the quality of the people monitoring and answering alarm calls is also important. Personnel, such as patrolling guards, should have particular characteristics which make them suitable for security jobs

Some features of a professional security guard are:

  • Being of good character
  • Having high quality training with relevant licenses
  • Being physically fit.
  • GPS tracking by the employer
  • Wearing visible uniforms

1.  Good Character

Security work can be a dangerous field. It involves contact with private property and consequent opportunities to steal that property. A person hired for the work should be of good character.

When using a company to hire security guards, their recruitment policies should be scrutinized. People hired for security should be subject to a police and background check. The security guard should also have references from previous employers which indicate their good character. Without these the person is not suitable for employment in the security sector.

2.  High Quality Training with Relevant Licenses

Security work can involve contact with criminals or others who are engaging in suspicious activity. It is important that the security guard can distinguish between criminal and other activity. If not, the guard could become involved in an unpleasant or violent incident.

Training and adherence to the law are important components in security. A trained guard will be able to act appropriately in different situations. For example, they will respond appropriately to calls from alarm systems. They will not escalate confrontations to violence and will be able to distinguish between criminal and harmless activity. A guard with relevant licences and certificates will have these skills.

3.  A Security Guard Should Be Physically Fit.

Home security systems often include alarms that will sound in response to unusual activity. It is the job of security personnel to respond to these alarms. The response may often involve physical activity, such as pursuing suspicious people. It may also involve confrontations with them. Physical fitness is therefore a required characteristic for a security guard.

4.  GPS Tracking

Most security companies employ GPS tracking of employees. This is particularly important for guards on patrol. GPS tracking ensures that the guards are following correct procedures. It also tracks them in case of a confrontation. This tracking protects the guard, the employer and the customer from future legal complications.

5.  High Visibility

Most legitimate security guards are employed by security companies. They are therefore required to wear uniforms with clear insignia. An official security guard will wear a uniform that identifies them by name and employer. This not only acts as deterrence for criminals, it also ensures that they are properly employed and vetted personnel.

Features of a good security guard include physical fitness, visibility, training and criminal record checks. Guards responsible for home security should have these characteristics and be responsible, customer friendly employees who can assess a situation quickly and effectively.


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