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The Dark Side of Zynga Poker Cheats

In view of the fact that almost all of us are heavily attached to online games, more and more websites are developing their services to provide people with a better gaming surface. These sites include social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo.

Zynga Poker, a popular poker game which is played via Facebook, is indeed the most used gaming software ever by online poker gamers. With Zynga you can have access to tons of poker games, take poker challenges and even join weekly poker tourneys. And with the help of Facebook’s social network structure, players can send poker chips to their friends, as well as play with them in real time. Free poker chips are given to players at most once a day as a prize for logging into the game.

And since the Zynga poker game is all about winning as many poker chips as you can, there are some cheats that had been developed that allows you the capability of earning more chips faster than your friends. These so-called Zynga poker cheats of Facebook are fast and easy ways to increase the amount of money you have or improve your current hand. Actually, these cheats were immediately identified by the community and by the game creator, Zynga, and were fixed. As a result, cheats on this poker game are now very scarce.

But even though there are less cheats available online, some people can still have access to an automated software or “cheat bots” to assist in game play. The Zynga poker bot is another form of cheat which allow you to garner more poker chips. What’s not so good about this software is that it can be a sort of a virus or spyware. There is no guarantee that the bot will work, and Zynga has been known to send warning emails to those who are caught using them.

Another bad factor about these cheats is that once you’ve downloaded them, it’s all too easy for hackers to attach Trojan or virus programs to your computers. This was done by silently installing themselves onto your computer when you use them. Moreover, once you have send your login information across the Internet, those hackers may break into your Facebook account. Therefore, great care should be taken to scan each program with a certified anti-virus program before using them. And to give you more in-depth details on why Zynga poker cheats are not good, some of the Zynga’s staff have formulated a way on how they can access their player’s accounts, making them take the players’ chips and sell them to earn money.

While Zynga can be a way to play with your friends and look like a Facebook Poker star, cheating can have serious implications. Bear in mind that the Facebook Zynga has their terms of services when it comes to gaming. According to Zynga, you shall not use your account to engage in any illegal conduct – this includes cheating. The moment you access the Service from an SNS, you shall comply with its terms of service/use as well as these Terms of Service.

In order to prevent dilemmas like those written above, you can have access to PokerBuddy. PokerBuddy is designed to provide a tool that can be easily understood and digested by the user during play. It is also the perfect option if you want a bit of artificial intelligence to tweak-up your game play and win more at Zynga poker.


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