Founded back in 1999 by an entrepreneur named Robert Beaver, Zazzle has quickly risen to become one of the most popular on-demand clothing and accessory printing websites on the Internet. The site, a family enterprise between Beaver and his two sons, has received a great deal of positive publicity thanks to their unique business model and emphasis on quality service. Zazzle has received awards from Tech Crunch, as well as even attracting the attention of two popular Google investors, who invested a cool $16 million into Zazzle. This money, along with some good business know-how, has helped Zazzle to dominate the Internet custom printing industry. Where once behemoths like Cafepress stood in the way, Zazzle now sits alone on top of the hill, receiving more traffic and sales than even Cafepress. They are poised to continue to expand in 2011, thanks again to their quality customer service and business model, as well as a will to be successful. Look for Zazzle to do big things, and to continue to cement their position as the top on-demand printing company.

Though Zazzle started with only printing on t-shirts, they have since expanded into printing on a wide variety of items. They print on bags, buttons, mugs, posters, and a plethora of other items. In addition to these more fringe accessories, they also print on a huge selection of clothing—they have over fifty styles of t-shirts to choose from alone. Customers can create their own design using Zazzle’s tool, or upload an image of their design and have it printed that way. Additionally, they can choose from a wide selection of pre-made designs that have already been uploaded to Zazzle. In addition to individual shoppers, Zazzle also encourages designers to create their own designs for others to buy. Designers can easily set-up stores through Zazzle, and they receive a percentage of all the sales that their designs generate. This incentive helps drive the ever expanding catalogue of excellent designs that are available at Zazzle.

Now that you have a bit of history and background on Zazzle, I thought I would delve into their prices. They offer fairly competitive prices for the custom printing industry, and their shipping prices are fair as well. There are ways to lower these prices, however, which I’d like to get into. Zazzle rarely has sales, but they do usually have coupons available which can save consumers a ton of money. There are often free shipping coupons for Zazzle floating around, as well as promo codes which provide a discount on the apparel or items themselves. These coupons are a great chance for customers to save money at Zazzle. Typically, such discounts can easily be found through a Google search. Just type some relevant phrases into Google and you’ll be on your way to saving in no time!

If you’ve never heard of Zazzle before, hopefully this blog post has piqued your interest in them. If you’re already a fan, I hope that I’ve then helped you find out ways to save money on your orders. Either way, I hope you got something from this post, and enjoy any time that you spend at Zazzle!


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