Choosing a gift for somebody special is not as simple as it looks, especially when you are looking for something unique. There are thousands of gift items available in the market that you can give to your spouse but it has to be chosen according to the occasion. You must remember the importance of the occasion in your life and what it means to your spouse.



Gifts are an essential part of any occasion or celebration. You should never miss the opportunity to celebrate these special occasions by gifting a token of remembrance and love. Be it your wife’s birthday, girlfriend’s birthday or your anniversary, presents are given to express your happiness and love. Don’t forget that it is not the cost of the gift, but the effort you have put in finding a unique present for your partner will be appreciated. Even a simple present can make any occasion special and memorable for life if it comes straight from ones heart.

If you think that you know your wife very well and finding a present for her won’t be a problem for you, think again. Here are some Gift Basket ideas for special occasion:

Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day is a day for the couples who celebrate their love and companionship. If your wife or girlfriend is romantic one, you can take her out for a candle light dinner. Prepare a nice, romantic dinner and play her favorite music. Adorn the room with her favorite flowers, balloons and candles. She will be pleased to see you in an apron, especially if you don’t cook too often. You can also gift her beautiful designer dress, a box of chocolates and her favorite perfume. She will definitely cherish your present.

Anniversary: Anniversaries are always special for women so never forget this day. Giving presents on this day shows that you remember this day and it is equally important for you. Let this special day be hers and pick something that would make her feel special and loved. Since, this day is important for both of you, choose something that can be mutually enjoyed, thus bringing you closer together. Pressures of work, raising a family and other responsibilities tend to draw couples away from each other, take your wife to her dream destination. A romantic getaway could be a very romantic idea. Make all the arrangements, click lots of pictures and arrange them in photo album when you return from the tour. She’ll remember this for lifetime!

Birthday: Most men seriously don’t have a clue about what gifts are appropriate for their wives or girlfriends. They simply pick flowers and chocolates. There is nothing wrong with flowers or chocolates but these do show how important she is to you. Gold, silver or diamond jewelry could be a nice idea. See the sparkle in your wife’s eyes when she receives it. Think of all things that she enjoys doing in her free time. If she loves reading books, you can give her a book that’s signed by her author. If she love clicking pictures, you can buy a digital camera for her.

Note: Don’t go for kitchen accessories or other home appliances for any special occasion, she can buy these herself. Special occasions require special gifts.


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