With so many companies trying to get you signed up to complete paid surveys, I bet you are wondering what the purpose of these surveys are and why these companies are willing to pay you money for your opinion.

Well the truth is that it’s not the survey companies themselves that want your opinion, but the big business and government agencies who hire them to conduct the surveys that are so desperate to know what you think.

Let’s have a look at a couple of reasons businesses and governments care about what we think.

1. Businesses Spend Millions On Product Development

These massive corporations are spending a lot of money creating their products and marketing campaigns, so it makes sense that they want to get a real gauge on what the general public (especially those in their target market) actually think.

This is why they are constantly surveying people on their products, new ideas, marketing campaigns and what the general feeling is for their brands. They have invested a lot and want to protect and grow their asset.

2. Governments Are All About Popularity

Have you noticed how much the media and the political parties are obsessed with polls and popularity? It is almost sickening?

But the good news is that these media outlets and political parties have to get their ratings fix from somewhere and that is why these always seem to have a lot of surveys on offer.

The benefit for you is two fold. You can have your political rants anonymously and you get paid for doing so!

So as you can see, there are a couple of big reasons that companies pay people to complete surveys but that is not all that they do. You can also because these companies are so desperate to know what people think, they will put the products in your hands to use – in exchange for your thoughts and opinions.

So don’t lose heart with the amount of scam talk in the industry. There are some illegitimate companies, but if you use your common sense you will easily bypass them and choose reputable survey companies to work with.


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