Why Buy Carbon Bike Forks?

You may be a regular reader of bike magazines or perhaps you visit various bike forums such as bikeforums.net? If that is the case then you will see the hot topic that people are discussing is whether or not to get a carbon bike fork.

There are countless forum threads with the title “Why Buy A Carbon Bike Fork?” and the answer is simple – because everyone else is.

Not only will the carbon bike fork help you to reduce the bikes weight, especially if you are currently using a steel bike fork. There are a number of different bike fork materials including: steel, carbon, aluminium, titanium and magnesium. The weight of an average carbon fork is roughly one third of the weight of a steel bike fork and approximately half that of a bonded aluminium fork. In fact by simply making this one change, you can reduce the bikes weight by just shy of 1lb. That can be the time difference of 6 seconds and we all know what a difference that can make to winning or losing, not to mention personal best records.

The carbon bike fork provides you with the easiest option to upgrade your performance. It is so much easier than opting for a whole new bike and it certainly easier than getting used to different tyre types and sizes. You will also save a significant sum of money from choosing a carbon bike fork over a new bike or new tyres and anything that helps the bank balance is a winner in our eyes. Particularly in the current economic climate!

Carbon bike forks can help provide your ride experience by helping to act as a shock absorber while reducing road vibrations. You could also use this type of help even if you have a road bike as there are many uneven surfaces in our towns and cities – not to mention the pot holes!

You won’t know how much a carbon bike fork can improve your ride until you try it. If you are lucky enough to know someone with a spare, why not ask for a shot? If not, do some more research online. You will find that the majority of people that have tried them are recommending them to their fellow cyclists.

Any component that can improve performance and ride quality such as the carbon bike fork is definitely worth a trying – with increased performance, what have you got to lose?


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