If you are a new mom or know a new mom and looking for latest ideas in baby shower gifts, then you have found the right place. I have been working really hard to find some thoughtful baby shower gift ideas. I understand that buying a right gift for a newborn becomes really difficult when you want to give something that will be useful for the new mother.
Most of us get confused and tensed about what to buy as a gift basket when invited to a baby shower. In this article, I am giving you a few interesting ideas for hottest baby gift basket. Think of a unique baby shower present that will make other guests go Ooh & Awe over the special present!!!

Note: When shopping for a newborn baby, make sure that you are buying gender appropriate items like clothes, blankets, toys or any other stuff.

Clothes: Clothes will make a great gift basket idea for babies. Most people buy baby clothes for a newborn. When you are shopping for clothes for a newborn baby, always buy a little bigger size which would be wearable for the baby in two or three months. The new mom will surely appreciate this thoughtful choice. You can also give a soft baby blanket, bibs, rattles, booties and blocks for the new baby. If you are shopping for a baby boy, go for blue colors. For girls, you can choose stuff in baby pink.

Diapers, Wash cloths & Wipes: If you have budget constraints, diapers, baby wipes and wash cloths will be a perfect baby shower present. You may not have noticed, but these are also quite expensive and the new mother will definitely appreciate a few packs of these.

Toys: Soft toys, peek-a-boo mirror, bath time items, teeter or baby food jar are perfect baby items. The new mum anyways has to buy these items for her baby, but if she receives these as a present she’ll definitely cherish these.

Bouncy Seats: The bouncy seats come in a wide range of styles. These are perfect for babies to sit and play. You can never go wrong with these cute items.

If you are struggling to think of something suitable for the little angel, giving gift cards could be an excellent option. The new mom will be delighted to receive these little tokens.

If you have a group of common friends, you can suggest them to contribute for a more expensive and needed gift. You can even buy gifts for little angels ,  a baby boy gift basket, a baby girl gift basket, a cot or a Safari Rocking Chair. This will lessen a burden from the new moms bank balance.

No doubt surprises are good, but sometimes it is better to ask what the new mum really needs for the baby. I am sure you don’t want your present to be placed in store for years.

Nowadays, there are a wide range of baby gifts available online at the lowest possible prices.


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