Not many people know about the different types of personalized jewelry. This new fashion trend has been showing up throughout Hollywood over the last few years. You will commonly see  musicians and actors wearing custom made jewelry that has their name on it. One of the most popular celebrities that wears personalized jewelry is Jessica Simpson. She has been photographed wearing a necklace with her name on it along with the names of her different dogs. Many people find it weird that someone like her would have a necklace with her dog’s names on it, but some people really do love their pets and want everyone to know about it. There are three different types of personalized jewelry that are popular at the moment.

Engraved Jewelry

When you ask someone what personalized jewelry is, engraved jewelry is the first thing they will mention. Engraving has been around since the medieval times where a blacksmith would use a sharp tool to engrave the names of their customers on the base of the objects. Engraving is accomplished by using a machine that is plugged into a computer. The computer sends signals to the engraving machine and the machine completes the process by slowly etching the image or phrase onto the object. This is by far the most popular engraving method that is commonly used today.

Laser Engraved Jewelry

This is a newer technology that hasn’t been around for that long. It uses the same engraving mechanisms as the typical engraving you would expect, except that it uses lasers. Everyone loves lasers, especially the ones that cut deep into metal. These machines are very expensive and only a few of the personalized jewelry stores online actually use this process. Most of the popular websites are able to afford this technology and the smaller companies typically outsource the laser engraving.

Name Jewelry

Name jewelry is unique because it’s the only type of personalized jewelry that is actually custom made from the beginning. The process for creating name jewelry is very unique and requires use of a steel cutting machine. This is by far the most expensive and difficult type of jewelry creation method on the market today. Most personalized jewelry websites out there can’t afford their own jewelry bending/cutting machine and rely solely on outsourcing this method and buying name jewelry wholesale.

When you’re looking for the best personalized jewelry online, make sure you spend some time and research the different methods of customization they utilize. One of the leaders in custom jewelry creation is Liz Nicole Jewelry. They have very competitive prices and have been around for several years.




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