What are Nerf guns?

Nerf guns come in many shapes and sizes all around the world. Manufactured by Hasbro, Nerf guns have a reputation for outstanding build quality, affordable pricing and most importantly, reliability!

Nerf guns fire a small foam “bullet”, normally with a small suction pad attached to the end which allows it to stick to flat surfaces such as windows and varnished wood. Because the “bullet” is fired at such a slow speed it is safe for them to be used in a force on force environment, (where you are shooting at a human opponent – remember to wear goggles though).

What does Nerf stand for?

Nerf stands for Non-Expanding Recreational Foam, the same material that is used to make very soft playing toys such as foam basket balls & footballs.

How much do Nerf guns cost?

As a rule of thumb the nerf gun with the most functions such as a high fire rate, ammunition canisters, scopes, popular brand and stronger materials will demand a higher price, but don’t be put off by this as you can still pick up entry level nerf guns from £6.99!

Can you re-use the “ammuniton”?

As mentioned above the ammunition used is simple a foam case with a plastic suction tip. The ammunition is propelled using plain air so it can be used countless times.

Are Nerf guns legal in the UK?

Yes, As long as they don’t imitate authentic firearms they are legal. We advice you not to paint them any other colour as they are painted to be easily distinguishable from real firearms.

Do Nerf guns make good Christmas presents?

Yes. Nerf guns are one of the most wanted christmas presents for boys aged 5 to 15 year on year! Order now to avoid the christmas rush and ensure the one you want is still available.

Where can I Buy a Nerf Gun?

has one of the largest ranges of quality nerf guns in the UK. Nerf.co.uk has excellent customer support, fast delivery and an easy to navigate website.

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