Madame Alexander DollsBeing one more curious than curious George, I went dabbling on the internet recently for toys for my 9 year old niece.
Shopping for a girl is easy no? I mean, what could me more difficult than finding a nice little doll, have it wrapped and shipped to the recipient?
I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Turns out, my 9 year old niece seemed to have everything I was hoping to get her off the internet, forcing me to dig a little deeper online to find something unique that she’d never come across before.
Shopping for a boy’s really so much easier and less of a hassle. As long as the toy makes noise, or can be kicked around, any boy will jump for it!

But I digress.

So the internet shopping experience turned to specialty toys and collectors’ item toys.
At first I wanted to get her something from the Nightmare before Christmas, but my sister thought that was too spooky!
Trust a sister to spoil all the fun!
Digging a little deeper, I soon came across Madame Alexander Dolls which, as you would have it, are both collector’s toys as well as little girls toys to play around with.
Now, for those not in the know, the Madame Alexander Baby dolls collection was founded in 1930 by Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman herself who happened to be the daughter of Russian Immigrants.
The story of the humble beginnings of these life-like dolls starts off with Ms Behrman helping her father at his doll hospital, the first ever of such hospitals where dolls are brought in for healing, patching and mending.

If this sounds too far fetched, consider that the doll industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and little girls World over treat their dolls like babies, friends etc.
and most of these girls develop motor and social skills just by interacting with their dolls.
So, it’s easy to see how this doll hospital came into being, albeit way back then when dolls were nothing but mere rags stuffed together to make the shape and form of a doll essentially!

With most of her time spent at her Dad’s Doll hospital, Madame Alexander’s appreciation and love for dolls eventually led her into creating her own line of dolls.
This was the beginning of a career spurning over 80 years and, today, Madame Alexander Baby dolls are one of the few that grace the Doll industry’s Hall of Fame, an accolade that’s shared only with the likes of Barbie and animation characters such as Mickey Mouse.

The concept of Madame Alexander Baby dolls was that they had to embody and honor well known, and living celebrities, elevating these life like dolls to superstar status overnight.

To say I was ecstatic at having discovered Madame Alexander dolls is an understatement, I was over the moon and, had I been in a brick and mortar shop, people would’ve thought I had lost a couple of marbles or something to that effect.

Uncles love to please, you just never know which single moms have daughters playing with your niece, so a good word here and there wouldn’t hurt!
Besides, just seeing that little smile light up the entire face, and those eyes open as wide as they possibly can, is a priceless picture an uncle would be proud to see.

Come birthday time, and this having been a few months back, I still get the Best Uncle in the World voicemail on my phone, and that’s the way it should be, because shopping for little girls can be pretty challenging, especially for sports loving and tailgating uncles whose idea of a gift is a trinket from the sports memorabilia shop.

Seems there’s a whole new world out there, one that is filled with for both kids and collectors alike. The later collect these real life baby dolls because of the attention to detail that went into creating each doll.
So the next time you see a monocled old geyser browsing shop windows with in it, it could just very well be a personal purchase, one that only collectors of these fine and exquisite dolls understand.


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