Today we will be reviewing the new Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge set or Lego 4195 as it’s also known.
This is the first time that Lego have released any set based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and I think it’s a great fit for Lego.  Other sets in the range include the Lego Whitecap Bay, Lego The London Escape, Lego Captain’s Cabin, Lego Fountain of Youth, Lego Isla De La Muerta, Lego The Cannibal Escape and Lego The Mill.

From the outset I have to say that I’m a massive Lego Pirates fan anyway and when I found out that Lego was producing sets on the Pirates of the Caribbean films I was over the moon, but I’m hoping to keep this Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge review as honest as possible…but from the start I have to say that this Lego Set is outstanding!
Now before I get to detailed with my review, lets take a look at some of the facts!  The Lego Queen Anne’s Revenge set is the largest of the current release of Lego Pirates of the Caribbean sets and is priced at over £100.  Now this is a lot of money, but you can check out our Lego Pirates of the Caribbean sets UK price comparison table where you can compare UK prices on Lego 4195 and all the other Lego sets in the range.
Anyway the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Queen Anne’s Revenge features over 1094 Lego pieces and is suitable for 9-16 year olds.  The Lego Queen Anne’s Revenge comes with 2 large and highly detailed instructions and the build itself is quite straight forward if you are a regular Lego builder, novices may find it slightly more taxing.  The box itself is very striking and has a really high-gloss look that I’ve not really seen on Lego sets before and I love the box art and colours used.
Inside the box you will find a sticker sheet that features glow-in-the-dark skull stickers and flame graphics which can be attached to the Queen Anne’s Revenge.  Also included is a Blackbeard card which is a great addition (each set comes with a different character card to collect) and you also get a Lego Pirates of the Caribbean double sided poster which features an action shot of Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge in action with whitecap bay in the background and on the other side a generic Lego pirates of the Caribbean feature with Jack Sparrow.
There are a total of eight separate Lego filled bags and each bag is numbered to help with the build of this fantastic set.  The sails of the ship are supplied in a cardboard sleeve so that they are kept nice and flat.
The actual base of the ship is made up of 9 separate pieces and I found the whole build to not only be quite easy but also a lot of fun.  I really cannot carry on this review without mentioning the minifigures!  Yes that right, pirates of the Caribbean lego minifigures are really cool and the Lego 4195 set comes with an impressive total of 9 different minifigures including a brand new version of Jack Sparrow.  The other minifigures included in this set are Blackbeard, Angelica, Quartermaster, Cook and 2 pirates.  The cook comes with a funky looking cowboy hat and the other minifigures have a great range of torso colours and different accessories like the hair pieces which really do add to your overall collection.
There really are some amazing features on this set and one of my favourites are the real firing canons…if I had a slight criticism it would be that there are only 3 canons supplied, it would have been nice to have a few more.
Over all I would have to say that the is a must buy set, whether you are into Lego Pirates or just love the Pirates of the Caribbean films, the Queen Anne’s Revenge is the ultimate set for any collection and will keep fans happy until the Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl is released later in the year.


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