The new range of Dr Who character building sets were among one of the standout sensations at this year’s toy fair and already the hype was building on what looked like being one of the biggest ranges of toys for 2011 and now that the new Doctor Who character building sets and mini figures have just been released to the public it’s easy to see why they were gaining so much hype and publicity for this range of Doctor Who toys is going to the dwarf anything that has been before it, guaranteed!
The character building range has been genius stoke by character options who have tapped into the industry-leading construction category which is dominated of course by Lego. One of the exciting things about the new range of character building components is the fact that it is 100% compatible with Lego… which leads to a very exciting collaboration between the Doctor Who licence and the world of Lego. Imagine being able to take your Dr Who character building mini figures and being able to interact with them with your Lego universe, the possibilities of mind boggling and endless.

Released in time for the Easter holidays character options are drip feeding the range into the shops and starting off with the smaller play sets and the first series of Dr Who character building mini figures which again in both packaging and fun recreate what Lego has been doing with its mini figure series over the last 12 months.
The tagline over the box art on the new range of character building Doctor Who sets is collectable, constructible and compatible and I have to say without a shadow of a doubt that the sets do exactly what they say on the tin.

So the sets that character options have started this new collection with include the Dr Who TARDIS Mini Set, The Dalek Progenitor Room Mini Set and the The Time of Angels Mini Set. Each of these Dr Who character building sets retail for around about £10, my advice would be to get at least two of each set as I can guarantee that these will become collectors items and within 12 months you will be paying double, so if you buy two sets you could put one away for safekeeping and play with the other.

Of course is not just the playsets that have us excited just wait until you see the new range of Dr Who character building micro figures series 1 of which has just been released. With the new Doctor Who character building mini figures character options have copied the very successful formula taken up by Lego.

There are 10 mini figures to collect in the first series and they comprise of the following:, , The Eleventh Doctor (blue shirt), The Eleventh Doctor (brown shirt) & Amy Pond, Cyberman, Dalek Drone, Dalek Strategist, Weeping Angel,  Weeping Angel (Screaming Version), Silurian Warrior and Smiler.  But it doesn’t end just there, there are also five super rare variant figures to try and find an collect and you just know that these are going to sell for hundreds of pounds on places like eBay, the variants that you are looking for include: The Projected Weeping Angel (only 500 pieces worldwide), Eleventh Doctor in Raggedy mode(again only 500 pieces worldwide), Amy Pond in a Green Coat (this time only 100 pieces worldwide), Another Doctor figure this time in the Kings Arms Football Shirt(100 pieces worldwide) and last but not least the Silurian Warrior in a Grey Outfit (100 pieces worldwide).  As you can imagine the 100 worldwide figures are really going to be the ones to look out for.  There will be many more series of Dr Who Character Building Micro Figures available throughout the year.

Just wait until you see some of the larger playsets that are to be released towards the autumn just in time for the Christmas market you will be absolutely amazed, one of the highlights being the Dr who character building Dalek factory set and the Dr Who Character Building TARDIS console room playset.
To find out more information about the new range including where can go to find the latest reviews and also price comparison tables on each of the playsets and Doctor Who character building mini figures so you can be sure of not only getting the cheapest UK prices but also finding out which online retailer has stock of your desired playset just click on the banner below:

Here is the full press release from the BBC


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