You always know when Easter has arrived when you start to see the adverts on television for the new Doctor Who series. Doctor Who has become a massive hit with a new generation of fans as well as the continuing support from the older fan base, over the last five years character options have released a range of Doctor Who toys including playsets, figures and role-play toys, this year character options have released what I consider to be one of the most exciting ranges of Doctor Who toys I have seen… Introducing the Dr Who character building playsets and micro figures.

In this review we will take a look at the new Dr Who character building TARDIS mini set to begin with. Included in this iconic set based on the doctors blue spaceship are 2 mini figures comprising of Amy Pond and the 11th Doctor. This set comprises of 53 character building pieces and is very simple to put together. Inside the box you get a full colour instruction booklet along with a separate sticker sheet for the TARDIS. The TARDIS itself is very simple to put together and if you are used to Lego then you will have no problems whatsoever. The final product of the TARDIS really is fantastic for the price with some great detail, the doors open and you can fit both characters inside.

So let’s take a look at this fantastic tardis mini set in more detail, starting with the Doctor Who micro figures which are included with the Doctor Who character building TARDIS mini set. Starting off with the 11th Dr micro figure the first thing you will notice is the wonderful detail the character options are put into their range of character building figures, the doctor figure itself has fantastic head sculpt and has a great lightness of the actor Matt Smith, the body of the doctor figure comes with his trademark Burgundy bowtie and he dressed his brown suit, on the legs he’s wearing black trousers and black military looking boots, the bottom of these boots have two holes which allow the figure to interact with the character building playsets, also these holes will allow 100% compatibility with Lego which is a major bonus. Also featured with this Doctor Who micro figure is a sonic screwdriver accessory which is really detailed and is a great addition to this figure. You also get an Amy Pond micro figure which again features a great head sculpt and articulation, just like the doctor she has two holes at the bottom of her feet which allow her to connect to not only the character building sets but also with the full range of Lego.

This really is a fantastic starter set from character options and a warning from me now that you really will fall in love with this great new range of construction toys the character options have created, the fact that you have basically Doctor Who in the Lego world will drive fans crazy and the amount of play and room for expansion means that this range of toys will become a modern classic. The Doctor Who character building TARDIS mini set really is a must have toy and for the price you really do get a lot for your money, this is a great pocket money toy that is worth its weight in gold and I can’t recommend it enough.

If you want to find out more about the new including where you can get the cheapest UK prices just click on the banner or take a look at the Dr Who character building section on the kids top toys website where you will be able to not only see the full range of character building Doctor Who toys but also the top toys that will be on every child’s Christmas list for 2011.


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