As much thought should go into choosing a police hat as to the rest of the uniform. A hat can make or break the look of the entire uniform. Choosing well-made police hats can go a long way towards making officers and budgets happy.

Law enforcement officers need a great hat. This is the icing on the cake or the final touch to a professional appearance. A poorly constructed hat that doesn’t fit well is going to detract from the officer’s competent look. It doesn’t matter how polished and sharp the rest of the uniform appears if the hat is limp and sloppy. Police officers need every edge they can get in dangerous situations so why choose a hat that is going to negate the look of the rest of the uniform.

Baseball-styled caps are highly personal and many people feel they don’t look good in them. Look for caps with a contemporary fit that can accommodate every shape and size of head. Blauer caps have a sewn-in stretchable headband that conforms to an individual’s head. This provides a great fit as well as security on windy days.

Besides caps Blauer also carries cold weather headgear. Fleece or knit caps in two distinct styles look professional and provide warmth. These hats are also wind and water resistant. The skull-hugging, low profile of these caps keep them securely placed.

For exceptionally cold weather Blauer offers trooper hats. This classic style comes complete with ear flaps and adjustable straps. Wind and water won’t be a problem for an officer wearing a trooper hat. Hats don’t get any warmer than this. Click here to view trooper hats.

Police safety vests are another article of gear that are often undervalued. Blauer’s vests meet all current national safety standards. These vests are comfortable, highly reflective and allow easy access to gear belts. Additionally they have a fully adjustable waist to comfortably fit even the most petite officer. A Blauer safety vest is also designed with tear away construction to protect the officer from attack or entanglement.

Blauer feels no article of law enforcement supplies is too small to be important. Caps, reflective vests and arm bands are designed and constructed with the same advanced methods and materials as every other product. If it’s intended for use by emergency personnel it’s important. It’s that simple.


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