Weddings are expensive, but increasingly, people are focusing on keeping costs down.

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is now between $25,000 and $30,000. And even for an important milestone in your life, that’s a lot of money for one day!

The weak economy has forced people to take a hard look at their priorities… to cut back on unnecessary expenses, and save money wherever possible. That means evaluating alternatives, choosing carefully, and in some cases bargaining. (Since the economy is weak, many professionals are willing to work for a bit less.)

Making Good Choices

Making careful choices means being informed. For each of the many services you’ll need for your wedding, you should do some research to learn the basics.

Wedding Photographers

  • Determine the style of photo you like.
  • Decide what type of “package” (how many and what type of photos) you want.
  • Ask friends for recommendations, and search the web.
  • Check references!
  • Review portfolios, then meet with the photographers whose work you like best.
  • Ask about services, equipment, and prices. Be sure to choose someone you are comfortable being around and working with!
  • Carefully review the contract before signing it.

Wedding Florists

  • Ask friends for recommendations, and search the web. Your photographer may also be able to recommend a good florist!
  • Keep your color choices open! Talk to florists about the type of flowers available and in season, because there can be huge differences in costs.
  • Consider the possibility of purchasing flowers in bulk and creating your own arrangements. You can get ideas from floral shops and magazines. Be sure whoever will make the final arrangements practices before your wedding!

Wedding DJs

  • Get recommendations, and check references!
  • Ask to see a demo tape. If at all possible, try to attend an event where the DJ is working.
  • Ask about the type of equipment the DJ will use, and talk to your wedding venue to see if there are any restrictions on equipment or sound levels.
  • Consider foregoing the DJ and using your own mix of favorite songs. You may be able to plug your iPod directly into the sound system at the wedding venue. Remember that the DJ often acts as a “master of ceremonies,” so if you provide your own music, find someone else to act as “host” during the wedding reception.

Wedding Caterers

  • Check with your reception venue. In many cases they have a pre-approved list of caterers.
  • Decide your budget in advance. A buffet arrangement is usually much less expensive than a sit-down meal. Catering is a good place to cut expenses. Remember, your friends are there to share your special day, not to eat a gourmet meal.
  • A professional caterer should be happy to provide vegetarian and kosher alternatives, and to accommodate special dietary requirements.
  • To avoid extra costs, be sure your contracts with the caterer and with the reception venue makes clear who is responsible for set-up and clean-up!

Share Your Recommendations

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