Charles Owen helmetsWhether you are sitting on a horse for the first time, or an established rider who has been riding for quite some time now, you must know about the risks involved and how often you can actually fall off a horse. Riding helmets are therefore probably the first equestrian equipment that you must buy whether or not you fall off a horse. This is one of the foremost riding gears that can save you from a lot of head injuries. In fact even stable men wear helmets when they are not riding but just around the horse; since it can save their skull from a horse kick.

Online purchasing has become real easy and today, there are a variety of good riding helmets that can provide the type of safety that you require. Amongst the varied different brands that are available; Charles Owen helmets have created quite a reputation for themselves. The riding hats are appropriately certified and are very durable in nature. This brand has been used by professional riders for ages and offers excellent services for years. But yes, riding hats are not manufactured to last for a lifetime, whether you use a Charles Owen or any other brand for that matter. At the most, you should replace it after three years; i.e. if it has not met with an impact or developed cracks. If you, by any chance meet with a blow to the helmet; you should immediately replace it for your own safety.

While purchasing riding helmets, do not be tempted to cut down on budget and buy a used helmet, or a really cheap one that will actually not protect your head from injuries. Charles Owen helmets have been specifically designed for the purpose of providing both comfort and safety and you should go for one before sitting atop a horse. They also come in varied colors to make the rider look attractive and stylish. Another important fact to remember is that the helmet should fit you correctly and not be loose on your head. A loose or ill-fitted helmet will not serve the purpose and will do more harm than good.


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