The Resurgence of Board Games

Despite the popularity of electronic games, there has been a resurgence of interest in “board games” in recent years.

Several companies now produce strategy board games aimed at adults and families.  Many of these games are based on games from Germany or other European countries where adult strategy games have long been popular.

Other manufacturers have re-introduced classic board games, making them available to a new generation of players.  In addition, versions of classic board games in iPhone and iPad have reawakened interest in their physical counterparts.

There are a wide range of games available, suitable for just about any group.  Simple games may have a page of rules and take half and hour to play.  More complicated “strategy board games” may have dozens of pages of rules, and take several hours to play.

Games will accommodate different numbers of players (for example, two to 4 players, or three to six players), and be recommended for different age ranges.  The number of players, age range, average playing time and even the game’s complexity are usually shown on the box, though this is by no means guaranteed.

Storing Your Game Pieces

One thing that most strategy games have in common is a large number of small pieces!

The games usually have some sort of tray in the box to hold the parts during play, but they don’t offer a good solution to keep the parts sorted between playing sessions.  Most “gamers” rely on ziploc bags in various sizes.  This is fine, except it requires sorting the pieces into bags after each game, and then emptying the bags bag into the “tray” before playing.

As an alternative, I use the Plano 3650 Pro Latch plastic storage tray.

It’s an adjustable storage box that allows you to configure compartments for the various types of small parts, as well as larger pieces and playing cards, depending on the game requirements.  It fits neatly inside most game boxes, and it can be used to replace the “parts tray” while playing, as well as keeping the parts sorted between games.  It latches securely to keep things from falling out or getting mixed up.

It’s the most flexible storage system I’ve found…  check out the video to see how it works!


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  1. PJ says:

    Far better than the sandwich bags we’ve been using. Wish I’d known about this before the grandkids played hide-n-seek with the weapons from CLUE.