A suit?  Really?  Who wears suits anymore?

Actually, a good suit is still an essential part of a man’s wardrobe.

A perfectly fitted suit creates a great impression, and it can also make you feel better about yourself and more confident when you wear it.

There a jobs that require men to wear suits, but even if yours doesn’t, there are many times when a suit a just the only thing that will do.  Besides special occasions like weddings, you’ll want a good looking suit for art shows, theater, or just dressing up for a special night on the town.

A suit will cost several hundred dollars, and can run as high as $1500 (or more, of course…  but let’s not go there yet).  But a well-made suit will last for many years, so consider it a clothing investment.

The difference in cost will be based on design, fabric, features, and tailoring.

If you’re buying just one suit, look for something in a traditional cut, a navy blue or charcoal color (possibly pin striped), and a lightweight fabric (you can always wear an overcoat in cold weather).

The most important aspect when buying and wearing a suit is fit, so be sure that tailoring and alterations are available.  The suit should look like it was designed for your body.

  • The shoulder pads should match your shoulders, and not project out artificially.
  • Lapel width should be proportional to your shoulders…  thin if you have narrow shoulders, and wider if your shoulders are wide.
  • When your arms are hanging comfortably at your sides, the tips of your fingers should extend just slightly below the bottom hem of the jacket.
  • The sleeves should reach to the base of your thumb, leaving about a half-inch of your shirt cuff visible.
  • The jacket should button comfortably, but fit closely about the waist.
  • Pant legs can be plain with no cuff, or pleated with a cuff.  The two go together.
  • If your hips are narrow, wear a tapered leg; if wide, wear a wider leg for a more flattering silhouette.
  • Above all, you should be able to move comfortably in the suit.  Comfort and confidence are a big part of capturing that “well dressed man” image.

You’ll find that the more you wear a suit, the more comfortable you will be, and the more you’ll look for chances to wear it.  You’ll eventually want to add a second suit in a heavier fabric such worsted wool, and perhaps another suit in a different color or style.

Eventually you may want to purchase a custom suit (traditionally called a bespoke suit) for the ultimate in style and fit.  The custom suit is the perfect way to show your style!

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