It is the summer, and that means one thing.  No more long sleeves.  You have to get out and work on those horrid winter tans.  There is no point in wearing a delightful T-shirt if you look bad in it with dark stripes down your hands.  You have found for yourself a humrously worded T-shirt, but the joke is going to be on you if you are even funnier looking.

Fortunately, there are many humorous shirts you can wear once you solve your tanning problems.  Besides the usual styles of funny shirts, there are many more that you can find on the Internet.  You can find insulting, disgusting, misogynistic, racist, sexist, piggish, flamboyant, inarticulate, despicable, or even actually good T-shirts on the Internet.  Why sort through all the bad ones, when there are stores that sell only best in verbal assaults.

Imagine the good times that will roll when your shirts proclaims ‘That is what She said!’  You will be the star of the crowd when your chest outwits everyone else at the bar and proclaim you number one.  You can get drinking shirts that tell the world that your liver is evil, or that it has a death wish, or  that it is always 5 O’clock some where so time to hit the bottle.

I can think of many funny things that could go on a shirt, but they have already been thought of for me at Super Good Tees . com.  Yes they have it all from the naugh-Tee to the dirt-Tee.  It is a hoot to browse their site and mark off which shirts you have seen people where around.  If only you could screen them yourself, but why would you when they have done it for you?  So if you are looking for a good shirt, and live in the UK, then let the good times roll with .

This article has been in part sponsored by super good tees, so be nice and give them a visit.  It could not hurt, and worse case, you end up with a ridiculously funny shirt.  That is a win win for everybody!


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