Your wedding day is not just about your bride and her wedding dress (although they are incredibly important). The way you dress and how you present yourself will say a lot about the type of person that you are, so the type of suit, shirt, tie, belt and even shoes tell a tale of their very own.

Wearing the right kind of mens wedding shoes on your big day very important, so let’s take a closer look into the different types and styles that you may wish to wear – depending on the style of your wedding.

Standard Dress Shoe

A lot of men only have one pair of dress shoes and so these are the ones that usually come out for their wedding (or any formal occasion for that matter). They are usually black or brown and quite plain – so that they can suit a range of outfits and styles.

This option is very much the safe choice, but the benefit is that they will most likely go with more suit and tie choose than more complex wedding shoe designs.

White Wedding Shoes

White dress shoes have become quite popular for wedding shoes and work just as well with a white suit as with any other colour. The type of people who typically wear white shoes on their wedding day are those looking to make a statement or stand out – as white shoes instantly draw your attention to them.

Casual Shoes

As much as you might cringe thinking that people could wear casual shoes on their wedding day, there are quite a few different scenarios that could see casual shoes being much more fitting, such as a beach wedding (you may even wish to ditch shoes all together), or a vegas or themed wedding.

Italian Dress Shoes

However, if you are looking to fancy it up a little bit then there is nothing better than some nice mens Italian shoes will definitely spice things up a little bit.

Well known for their fashion sense, the Italians make fantastic shoes  that are the cutting edge of style and sophistication. So if you wanting to play the suave gentleman than maybe this is the best way to go.

Just be wary with the sizing, because Italian shoe size conversion can be quite a bit different to American or UK sizing.

The important thing to remember is that it is your (and your wife’s) big day, so wear the type of shoes that you want to wear – not those that you think people want you to wear. There are no set ‘wedding’ shoes.

Once you have your shoes in order, click here for more information on getting your wedding speeches just right.



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