Those who strive to mix up the seating options and go beyond the standard couch and loveseat setup of most conventional living rooms often look towards innovative furniture like the LoveSac.  In the simplest terms, the LoveSac is an oversized beanbag fashioned into a comfortable, stylish, and new seating option for the living room, bedroom, or anywhere you require.

Available since 1998, the LoveSac has expanded into many different options including the SuperSac, MovieSac, PillowSac, CitySac, GamerSac, KidSac, and..  the BigOne.

The BigOne, as the name may infer, is the largest of the LoveSac offerings at 8 feet in diameter, seating 3 fully grown adults comfortably.  It weighs in at over 90 lbs. and is the largest of the LoveSac products.  The more conventional options in the product line, like the SuperSac are quite a bit smaller (less than 6 feet in diameter) and seat one or two persons comfortably.  The KidSac is, of course, the smallest in the product line, seating 1 small child and measuring in at only 2 and a half feet in diameter–perfect for the kid in the household.

LoveSacs not only look great with their standard covering, but, like couches have a wide array of covers available to further customize your selection.  Recently, the options have greatly expanded with LoveSac’s “phur” covers.  Although, as suggested by the “ph” spelling, they are not real fur coverings, the LoveSac Phur covers are crafted out of only the finest faux mink, black bear, beaver and other furs.  Adding a beaver phur cover to your standard SuperSac is a great way to switch up the look and add a more stylish touch to your furnishings.  Of course, phur is not the only option–LoveSac also offers microleather, suede, tweed, velvet and other amazing covers for their Sacs.

In addition to creating great seating alternatives, LoveSac also provides a line of accessories featuring the SquattoMan ottomans, vintage throw pillows, TubeSac pillows, tables and even more.  You could basically style your entire living room with LoveSac products if so inclined!

Compared to standard furnishings, pricing is actually quite competitive with the LoveSac line of products, and there are often fantastic savings to be had additionally.  A full four cushion chaise sectional, for example, will run you somewhere around $2500.  For quality furnishing, that’s actually a great deal.  If you’re looking to save a little more on LoveSac products however, you can also take advantage of the great LoveSac coupon codes which are often promoted by the company.  Deals on their full line can range anywhere from free shipping to $250 or more off individual products, so keep an eye out!

Taking a completely new spin on home furnishings, LoveSac offers great beanbag-inspired seating options that can set your interior decor far apart from the standard.  If you’re in the market for new furniture for your home, office, or other any other space, make sure to give them a look.


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