As the world age, countless changes and events had occurred and numerous facets affecting life transformed together with it. One aspect that keeps on evolving is the fashion industry. And since people have this innate character when it comes to appreciation of what is beautiful, the evolution of the designs especially when it comes to jewelry making, the front runners in this business takes inspiration on what was happening around that seems to capture the essence of beauty.

Jewelry as a Part of Different Eras

Several designs of vintage jewelry came from different era and by just distinguishing the theme of a certain piece, you can identify the exact year or decade it was first popularized or created. Even the material used in producing them would indicatedetails of what has been the state of affairs during the time it was made. Considering this, not only jewelry collectors and fashion enthusiasts will appreciate the beauty and value of vintage pieces, but historians as well.

Amongst the eras, Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian are considered to be the popular vintage jewelry periods.

The Gregorian Period

During the Gregorian Period that lasted from 1901 to 1920, most of jewelries then were handmade giving it more precious appeal since there will be no two jewelry exactly the same. And given that they are not mass-produced, they are the rarest pieces existing these days. Jewelers used platinum and diamonds to work on complicatedly detailed filigree in the likeness of a lace. Soft and delicate designs dominate the Gregorian era jewelry.Tiaras and chokers were also ruling the lime light back then.

The Victorian Era

As with the Victorian era,it covers almost all of the 1800’s and were divided into three periods specifically the early, mid and late Victorian eras. During the Early Victorian years labelled as the “romantic” stage, the inspiration came from all that expresses reverie, passion and sentimentalities felt as Queen Victoria tied the knot with Prince Albert. Daydreaming with nature injects the idea of using birds, flowers, vines of grapes and the likes to be seen adorning women.

20 years later, the Mid Victorian stage emerged and total changeover was apparent. From what has been all full of passion, then came the air of sorrow. Dark stones like jet and black onyx meaningfully ruled the jewelry market symbolizing the impact of Prince Albert’s death and been a fashion statement. Another event ensued and that was the crowning of the Queen as the Empress of India. Devotion to the orient promoted Eastern and Indian treatments in making jewelry.

Aesthetic period or the Late Victorian age was graced with the sparkles of diamonds and gemstones. Star and crescent designs shines on the jewelry arena. Whimsical and fancy appeal of jewelry designs gave back the lightness in the industry.


A Collection of Vintage Jewelries

As Edward became the king, the trend of using expensive gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, and rubies accentuated the elaborate craftsmanship of the jewelry makers. Edwardian era put an end to the conservative taste of Victorian jewelry. Sensuality and femininity was openly introduced. Intricate freestyle designs were craqfted using platinum and white gold, as well as the palladium and rhodium, and with the use of these white metal gave birth to the monochromatic look in jewelry. Colorless gemstones and pearls were used to produce the monotone effect. Jewelry for men was also introduced during the Edwardian era.


Jewelry in the  Modern Era

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About the author:

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