Since the dawn of history, when our ancestors first contemplated the Divine and the mystical world, people have always seen the need to wear special adornments that touch up on religious mysteries. A religious pendant, available now in a variety of forms and influenced by different faiths, imparts this history.

People have worn religious pendants as some sort of amulet – something that can bring good tidings and ward off evil and disease. Still others used such pendants to remind them that there is something eternal beyond this world. Human societies in the entire course of history have always found a use for a religious pendant. They have never stopped to be awed by a sense of the mystical.

Pendants and other items for personal adornment are commonly shaped after the identifying symbol of a faith. This is because for many believers, one simple symbol or geometric design can encapsulate his or her whole faith. A pendant fashioned after such a symbol can be a very powerful mark of religious pride.

These religious symbols are often made of precious materials. For the faithful, symbols of the Divine must only be made using valuable metal, stone, and other materials – anything less can be seen as disrespectful of the gods. Great artistry is employed to make a religious pendant, perhaps a testament of the jeweler’s respect for the Supreme.

What are the common metals being used?

In all human civilizations, religious objects have always been made using only the most valuable and highly select materials, molded by the best talent society has to offer. The top metals of choice in fashioning religious pendants are gold, silver, and platinum. Some objects are also made of bronze, brass, or some other alloy. This latter group of metals though is commonly reserved for every day ceremonial uses, while the more precious metals are usually reserved for special occasions and for jewelry.

Other than devotion, however, religious jewelry is also worn for secular reasons. The sheer beauty of religious symbols makes it a great ornament in itself. These symbols are often valued for their symmetric designs (consider the cross pendant, Magen David, or yin and yang, just to name a few), so people have been using these symbols even if they themselves do not associate with the faith personally. Beauty and symmetry are reasons enough to incorporate these designs into jewelry and other decorative purposes.

Can you guess which is the most common religious pendant?

Perhaps the most common religious pendant used for non-religious purposes is the Christian cross. Since ancient times, the has been fashioned out of different materials, from wood, stone, and precious metals. Another factor in its wide popularity (even among non-Christians) may be the fact that there are different stylistic variations of the cross – which in turn inspires many design ideas.

Lately, semiprecious stones and synthetic materials such as cubic zirconia jewelry have also entered the religious jewelry line. Not only have metallic religious symbols been studded with these gems, the gem itself has become the religious pendant. New engraving techniques now make it possible to etch religious icons on the face of the stone itself. These divine devotional designs have successfully blended the artistic and the religious, making them truly endearing jewelry pieces.

About the author:

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