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Our faith is a very important part of who we are. Our spiritual beliefs often shape a lot of life decisions that we make.


As human beings, we naturally feel the need to express our spirituality—be it in words or actions. Sometimes, we even express our spiritual beliefs through fashion. Some people love to wear jewelry with religious themes. For them, it is a constant reminder of a higher power that watches over us. Aside from providing a sense of comfort, these religious jewelry pieces can also open opportunities to talk about your faith to other people. Some Christians, for example, love to wear a Jerusalem cross pendant. It is a beautiful reminder of Christ’s great love for humanity. The pendant’s design is also different from the typical cross pendant. It is made up of five crosses. There is one prominent cross at the center surrounded by four smaller crosses.The big cross is thought to represent Jesus himself, while the four smaller ones are said to represent His four crucifixion wounds.


Because of its unique design, the Jerusalem cross pendant will surely be an eye-catching item. People who have never seen such a pendant before will probably ask the wearer about it. This could lead to an interesting conversation about faith and religion.

Religion Comes in Style

Christians are often called to be bearers of Christ, proclaiming the good news of the Lord through their words and deeds. Wearing a cross pendant is one of those subtle but stylish ways to show that you are proud of your Christian heritage. Every time we are stressed or anxious, the feel of the pendant against our skin can remind us to stay strong. It can encourage us to soldier on as Christ did during His most difficult times. Wearing religious jewelry every day can also be helpful in reminding us to be more considerate and to treat everyone and ourselves with more love and respect. Aside from being fashionable, wearing a Jerusalem cross pendant can help us remember Jesus more often as we go through our busy lives.

This pendant can also be an excellent gift for your loved ones who believe in Christ. It makes a touching gift for a son or daughter—especially if they are leaving home and moving far away to attend college or to work in a new job. It helps them remember the Christian values that you have instilled as they try to find their own place in the world. A Jerusalem cross pendant can also be an inspirational present for a Christian friend who is going through a difficult time in life, or perhaps for someone who is fighting a terrible disease. Reminding them of Christ’s presence and unending love will surely help them stay strong as they face their trials.

Faith in Nano Jewelry

These pendants can also make gorgeous family heirlooms. They could be passed on to children and grandchildren, making sure that the fervent devotion to Christ is kept in the family and passed on for generations to come. If you are looking for a Jerusalem cross pendant that looks as incredible and as magical as the feeling of unshakeable faith that you possess, take a look at the NanoStyle collection of today!



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