People in the modern fashion world still consider vintage jewelry as trendy and chic to their discrimination. Old era jewelry are considered to be thematic and signifies momentous events to what the world was back then, and that made it more special to possess in this current period.

You may find vintage pieces all over the flee market, old and some are broken. While others may raise an eyebrow, and say “what will I ever do with those?” some might be all giddy with delight when they see one.

People who have an eye for vintage pieces, with its elaborate craftsmanship, they cannot help but glance and appreciate its beauty. Even broken ones, they will let go of some money just for the sake of having it. But it is not necessary that these items go useless. They can still serve some good use you just have to be open with possibilities. And to help you a little, I have chosen a piece that I think will be a nice one to work with.



As an introduction, the clip back style of jewelry devises a hinged metal fastener on the back of it. The back of it is relatively smaller than the front part so that it won’t be visible when in use. This clip snaps back to fasten it firmly. Some have It was introduced in the jewelry arena during 1934 and was also widely favored in the mid of 1900s and endures the time and still remains to be popular especially the clip back earrings for those who are not into the trouble of getting their lobes pierced.


If you chance to own a vintage clip, or find some pretty ones during your trip to a flee market, yet do not consider using them for its original purpose, then you might want to try some of these ideas:

  1. Hair accessories – you can clip it on the center of a plain bow to accentuate it or at one end of a barrette. You can also attach it on one side of a skinny hair band to give it some feminine touch.
  2. Hats – there are clips that have feathers on it and that style is perfect for adorning a simple structured hat for that instant chic appeal.
  3. Scarves – you can use it to secure the scarf, just choose one with ridges so that the fabric will not slip.
  4. Chain necklace –clip it on the chain to serve as a pendant. Choose a vertical style that so that it slichtly hangs on the chain.
  5. Ribbon – look for a velvet ribbon and put the clip on the center and tie the ribbon around your neck. You now have an instant chocker.
  6. Shoulder accent – if you have a single-strapped dress, clip it slightly below the top of the shoulder to glam up your outfit.
  7. V-neck sweaters – pin it on the middle of the v-line to render a bit of edge on that comfy sweater you have.
  8. Cuffs –fold up your sleeves and secure them with a pair of clips.
  9. Waist line – slide it on the waist of a plain colored skirt. Have everyone adore your style by tucking in a simple top made of soft fabric and let the clip be the center of attention.
  10. Makeshift sweetheart neckline – get a top or a dress with v-neckline. Pull both sides of the neckline apart and clip it on your bra strap.

These are just few of what vintage clip jewelry’s little functions. Try to invent other ways so that you can get the most out of it.


About the author: NanoStyle is the first and only jeweler to engrave 24 karat gold onto semi-precious stones like onyx and Cubic Zirconia jewelry. NanoStyle has amazingly unique   love pendants collection.


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